Angels Love Me

Timaş Çocuk

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  • السعر 99.00 ₺ 110.00 ₺
  • حالة المخزون : يوجد
  • دار النشر : Timaş Çocuk
  • الكاتب : Kadriye Baldık
  • كود المنتج : 9789752637962
Starting from 4-5 years old, children question their existence, heaven and hell, and try to understand their surroundings through the questions they keep asking, which sometimes may leave parents helpless.      The series "I´m Learning My Religion" comes up at this point to assist you with the lovely stories that your kids will also enjoy. The authors wrote the series under the guidance of pedagogs to provide children with fulfilling answers they are looking for.
ميزات المنتج
نوع الغطاءغلاف ورقي
رقم الصفحة32

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